Description of Program

group of adult students seated around table

Adult Education is training for adults to increase their skills in reading, math, literature, social studies, science, spelling, writing, measuring, and English - as well as learning to use a computer.  

Some adults want to pass the General Educational Development (GED) Test in order to obtain a high school equivalency certificate.  Other adults want to learn how to read so that they can read to their children or help their kids with their homework. Some adults need training so that they can successfully participate in a vocational school, trade school, community college, a four-year college, or advanced job placement. Sometimes students need to learn how to us a computer, or specific Microsoft Office programs in order to keep or get a job.

All adults are taught through the use of an individualized program of study.  This means that every adult is working on the specific skills he/she needs to meet his/her educational goals at his/her own pace. The Adult Education Program offers different methods of instruction so that everyone's learning needs are met.  The classes are equipped with computers, books, and various software to assist the student in achieving his/her educational goals.  There is always an instructor present to assist the adult with his/her studies.