Frequently Asked Questions

GED® 2014
May I take the tests on the Internet?
 No, the General Education Development Test
adult student seated behind computer screen
is not currently available online, although there are many bogus internet sites that will tell you otherwise. However, the test is done on a computer, so some basic typing and computer skills are required.
Who may attend classes?  The Adult Education Program is open to all adults (18 years of age and older, who are not currently enrolled in the Virginia Public School system). There is no restriction based upon age, residency, or ability. 

How much do classes cost?  They are FREE! The Adult Education Program charges NO FEES for instruction, materials, books or supplies for our students. The program is a cooperative educational program funded by federal, state, and local sources. 

How do I register for classes?  Registration occurs year around. You may come to the adult class any time during regular operating hours to register for instruction. No appointment is necessary. 

Do I have to be at every class?  No, you can set your own schedule. The instruction offered by the center and at site classes is entirely self-paced. You study what you want strictly at your schedule. The teachers are there to help you.
How long will it take me to get my GED®?    There is no set amount of time.  If you've only been out of school less than 5 years and completed 10th grade or more, you will likely finish up faster than an adult who has been out of school for 20+ years and perhaps only completed 7th grade.  Another factor to consider is the amount of time you have to study and attend classes. The more time you spend on studying, the sooner you will finish. However, we understand that as an adult you may have other obligations, and therefore, have less time to study. As soon as you pass a practice GED test, we will register you for the next available test date.
Do I have to be a resident of Virginia?    No, you do NOT have to be a Virginia resident to take the GED® Test in this state.  You only need to  have a valid government issued photo ID when registering and when taking the test.
Do I have to take all the tests at the same time?  No, the GED® testing Service stopped requiring that in 2001. You may take the 4 parts, one at a time, or two or more at a time.  You determine how many you want to take at one time.
Will I be able to get into college with a GED?  Most likely, you will. About 95% of the colleges and universities accept GED® graduates.
What happens if I fail one test?  You are allowed to take each subject 3 times with a limited wait time but after 3 tries, there is a 60 day wait.  You only repeat the test you fail. 
What does it cost to take the GED® Test?  The GED classes are free, but the state charges a  testing fee of $120 for the complete test, or $30 per subject.   Repeat tests are $10 each. However,  vouchers may be available to cover these costs if a student attends classes and passes the qualifying tests or an official practice GED tests. Vouchers may only be used for the first try in passing a test. If a test has to be repeated, the student must pay the fees.
How do I register to take the GED® Test?   If you are 18 or older, have a current drivers license or DMV ID, and have the debit or credit card to pay the fee or a voucher for the required amount, you may register to take the GED.  Registration is done on-line. All Adult Education sites will help students register for tests.    In Carroll County and surrounding areas you may register at the Carroll  Adult Education Center at 205 Oak Street, Hillsville, VA 24343. The phone number is (276) 728-0296. Registration should be completed on-line and the student will be notified of where and when to test.  Testing in the Carroll County, Grayson County, and the city of Galax is usually done at Wytheville Community College.  Crossroads Institute in Galax is in process of getting set up as a testing site, and will soon be an available test location.