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What is the GED® Test?
The General Educational Development (GED®) Test is a computer based exam that, if passed, give you a high school equivalency certificate.  This is a recognized credential that can help you advance your employment opportunities or further your education with college or a trade school.
Why do I need a GED®?
  • to get a job - most employers require a GED® or high school diploma before an application is even accepted.
  • to retain a job - employers want a better-educated workforce to advance in a job.
  • to make more money - GED® and high school graduates make an average of $7000 more per year than those who do not have these credentials.
  • to enter college or trade school - 95% of colleges and trade schools accept a GED Certificate.
  • to set a good example for your children - Children are much more likely to finish high school if their parents have gotten a diploma or GED.
  • to better prepare for the future - 85% of all jobs will require some college, vocational, or technical training in the future.
What subjects does the GED® Test cover?
The GED® Test has four different parts:
  • Language Arts - Reading & Writing (including an extended response essay)
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics -  A calculator (TI-30XS on the computer) can be used with most of the math questions.  The math covers basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.
All questions on the GED® Test are a mixture of multiple choice with four possible choices, fill in the blank, matching, and short paragraph answers. The essay part has been changed in the new test so that the candidate must write an extended response based on articles he/she reads on the computer.  The questions range in difficulty from easy to difficult in random order and cover a wide range of subjects.
How long does it take to complete the GED® Test?
The entire test takes a little less than 7.5 hours including instruction time.  It is usually given over two or more days.  The writing section is 2.5 hours,  the math is 1 hr. & 55 min. , and the social studies and science are 90 minutes each.
How is the GED® Test scored?
Although an applicant may score as much as 200 points per test, a minimum of 150 per test is required.  The test is scored by computer, and the students should receive their scores within a few hours in most cases. In some cases parts of the test may be scored by humans.
Who is eligible to take the GED® Test?
Anyone who is 18 years old and is not enrolled in public school and does not have a high school diploma may take the GED Test.  Public school students who are at least 16 years of age may be able to take the GED Test. Special requirements apply to students 16 to 18 years old who are in the Virginia ISAEP or Alternative Education Program. Check with your local school system for information on this program. (Carroll County - Jesse Woods at (276) 728-9055).
What do I bring when I take the test?
You will need your registration information (given to you when you registered), and the state or federal picture ID.  This should be either a DMV license or learner's permit or the DMV ID.  Pencil and scratch paper will no longer be provided. Instead, small dry-erase boards will be given to the student at test time. No cell phones or any other electronic equipment, food items, hats, or notes of any kind are allowed. 
 Where do I prepare for the GED® Test?
The Carroll County Adult Education Program has open enrollment all year. It has both day and evening classes.  Instruction, books, software and materials are free.  Students determine their own schedules and progress as fast as they are able. Official Practice GED may be taken at reduced prices ($3.50) on- line at the Adult Center.  These practice tests give students a very good idea of how they will score on the actual test. The Adult Center also offers other practice GED tests that, if passed, will qualify students for free vouchers to take the GED test. Some computer and typing skills are necessary for the 2014 test and these are skills are taught at the Adult Education Center.
What should I know about registering for the GED® Test? 
  • Obtain a voucher or use a credit or debit card to pay for the test.
  • Registration is done on-line.
  • Registration must be done in person a few days before the test.  Anyone wanting to register in Carroll County and surrounding areas may come in person to the Adult Education Center at 205 Oak Street, Hillsville, VA (lower level of the RAE Center  ). Registration may be done Monday through Thursday during open hours. An instructor will help you get registered.
May I prepare for the new GED® test on the Internet?

Yes, students may study on-line to help prepare for the GED test.  However, the new 2014 GED Test is not on the Internet, it is just taken on a computer.  Many sites are available to help study, but students should avoid sites which offer guaranteed GED certificates or diplomas if the student pays money up front.