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Take the GED for FREE

Before you pay $120 for the GED® Test, take a GED Ready Practice Test.  If you pass and study for at least 12 hours, we will pay your testing fees the first time.  All it takes is a little time and work.
               Language Arts Test                          $30
                Math Test                                         $30
                Science Test                                    $30
                Social Studies Test                          $30
                Total                                               $120              Amount You May Save!
 Repeat tests are $10 for the first and second repeat. 
After 3 tries, the price goes back up to $30.

Vouchers are also available for official GED Ready Practice Tests (Normally $6)

The test format has changed: there are fewer multiple choice answers and more short answer and paragraph answers. The writing and reading parts of the test have been combined into Language Arts. The essay must be typed on the computer.