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Brenda Vega

Brenda Vega
I was in the 11th grade when I dropped out of school - very close to graduation. At first I didn't care about dropping out of school because I had a baby on the way, and it was the only thing on my mind.
After my daughter was born, I realized having a baby was a big responsibility. I needed more time and more money.  It was so hard to find a job that paid well.  It seemed like everywhere I turned I needed a diploma - I needed to go back to school !
I finally decided to go back to school and get my GED.  I wanted to be someone in my life so that one day my baby would be proud of me. I wanted to have a better life.  
I began studying for my GED in January of 2010. Six months later, in June of 2010, I received my GED Certificate. It was a lot of hard work. Working, being a mother, and trying to get an education, all at the same time, was especially hard.
At the present time I am a transition student improving my math skills for college. I will begin my first semester in January and I am very excited about it. I think it is the best decision I've made, and I hope things go well for me.  I really want a brighter future for my little girl and myself.  

Editors Note:  Brenda is a nursing student at Rowan Cabarrus Community College in North Carolina.