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Brian Lester


    My name is Brian Lester, and I am 30 years old.  I dropped out of school in the middle of my tenth grade year. I always thought I was smart enough, that I didn't need to worry about a "Piece of Paper".  
Through the years I learned the value of that "Piece of Paper". It is necessay to get a "good" job. 

 My daughter was my driving force to obtain my GED.  She is in kindergarten, and she asked my what grade I was in.  I realized that I would have to tell her one day that I was a drop-out. That did not set well with me, so I decided right then that I was going to get my GED! 

I attended classes for a week, took the Official Practice GED Tests, and was able to take the GED test the following week through the Fast Track Program. Fortunately, I passed all the subjects and am already in the process of enrolling at Wytheville Community College where I plan to take the nursing program.