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Luciano Perez

    I came to the United States from Mexico City, Mexico in 1982. I spoke no English, so I went hungry until I learned how to order food.  I was 29 years old and came to the U.S. as a migrant worker to pick apples.  After the apple season, I worked at a Greek restaurant in Chicago where I learned some English.
    Now after 29 years here, I can speak, read, and write English, but now I am working on improving my educational skills to prepare for the GED tests. Since I only had a 6th grade education in Mexico, I have a lot to learn. I have passed part of my GED tests, but now I am learning algebra.  I work out of town, so my time in class is limited. It may take me a while to obtain my GED certificate, but when I get it, I want to go on to college.